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OK 95

Highway Review:
OK 95 connects Texhoma to Elkhart, Kansas. Its northern end was truncated a few hundred feet to the south in 2003 when Kansas Highway 27, the highway OK 95 became at the state line, was moved to the east of Elkhart instead of heading directly through the city.

Highway Information:
Distance: 42.1 miles
Counties traveled through: Texas
Highway Intersections: U.S. 54 (Mile 1.9), U.S. 64/U.S. 412/OK 3 (Mile 21.2), U.S. 64/U.S. 412/OK 3 (Mile 26.2), U.S. 56 (Mile 42.1)
Highway Duplexes: U.S. 64/U.S. 412/OK 3 (Miles 21.2-26.2, 5.0 miles)

Texas State Line, continues as FM 1290

FM 1290 (South) assurance shield as
OK 95 South ends. There is no
"Welcome to Texas" sign, nor is
there an "END" sign at this terminus.
(Photo taken 5/7/04)
OK 95 North assurance shield as the
highway enters Oklahoma. Right
as the highway enters the state, OK
95 curves to the west and runs along
the state line for two miles. So the
dirt road ahead is not OK 95; the
highway is curving to the west at
this point. (Photo taken 5/7/04)


OK 95 North at U.S. 54 in Texhoma.
(Photos taken 5/7/04)
OK 95 South at U.S. 54. The state
line is at the motel just ahead. OK
95 turns left just before the motel.
(Photo taken 5/7/04)
OK 95 North at U.S. 64/U.S. 412/
OK 3. OK 95 heads to the west and
multiplexes with the other three
highways for five miles. (Photo
taken 5/7/04)
U.S. 64/U.S. 412/OK 3 West/OK
95 North assurance shields just
west of the intersection pictured
above. (Photo taken 5/7/04)
U.S. 64/U.S. 412/OK 3 West/OK
95 North at OK 95 North. This
intersection is called Four
Corners on the official Oklahoma
state map. (Photo taken 5/7/04)

U.S. 56, south of Elkhart, KS

"END OK 95" sign as OK 95 North
nears its end at U.S. 56. (Photo
taken 5/7/04)
OK 95 North at U.S. 56. Elkhart,
Kansas, lies just ahead. The
buildings in the picture are in
Kansas. (Photo taken 5/7/04)
View from U.S. 56 at the beginning
of OK 95 South. (Photo taken
Closer view of the first OK 95
assurance shield. The
highway will meet U.S. 64, U.S.
412, and OK 3 in 14 miles.
(Photo taken 5/7/04)
U.S. 56 East at OK 95 South.
Until 2003, OK 95 went both
directions. When Kansas moved
K-27 a few miles east of Elkhart,
Oklahoma moved the end of OK
95 a little bit south to U.S. 56.
(Photo taken 5/7/04)