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OK 412P

Highway Review:
If you looked at any map, even the official Oklahoma state map, you would have no idea that this highway even exists. But a trip along U.S. 412 between Interstate 44 and OK 88 reveals a highway that rarely anyone knows exists, and that highway is OK 412P. It runs from U.S. 412 south to the old OK 33 alignment, then runs east to Port 33, named after the state highway that went this way until the early 1990s, when U.S. 412 was commissioned and OK 33 was decommissioned east of Sapulpa. It is mostly used by trucks transporting goods from U.S. 412 to the port, and by roadgeeks wondering what the heck this highway is, and where it leads.

Highway Information:
Distance: 1.4 miles
Counties traveled through: Rogers
Highway intersections: U.S. 412 (Mile 0.0)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 412, east of Fair Oaks

OK 412P West at U.S. 412. There is no indication that there is an
OK 412P on OK 412P West, just an assurance arrow pointing
towards U.S. 412. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
U.S. 412 West at OK 412P. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
The only assurance shield on the highway is located here, just south
of U.S. 412. OK 412P East turns to the left here and goes for a mile
to the Verdigris River and Port 33. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
A closer view of the OK 412P shield and the other signs. The
highway is also known as Veldo Brewer Drive. (Photo taken
OK 412P West as it approaches U.S. 412. The federal highway is
1/4 mile to the north of this intersection. (Photo taken 2/14/03)

Verdigris River

OK 412P East ends here at Port 33. This picture looks north at
the port. The bridges carry U.S. 412 traffic over the river and the
port. (Photo taken 2/14/03)