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OK 23

Highway History:
1953: Between the Texas state line and U.S. 270/U.S. 412/OK 3, OK 23 was signed as a western OK 15. OK 15 was also signed along today's OK 15 segments, and they were joined by today's U.S. 412, which was signed as OK 15 between Woodward and Garber until the late 1980s.

OK 23 did exist at this time, however, except it was in northeast Oklahoma. Today, this road is signed as OK 123 between OK 11 in Barnsdall and U.S. 60 in Bartlesville, which is most of OK 123's present route.

Highway Review:
OK 23 is the only north-south highway through central Beaver County in the panhandle. Most of it is duplexed with U.S. 270. The highways travel through the Beaver County seat of Beaver. (pop. 1,570)

Highway Information:
Distance: 36.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Beaver
Highway intersections: U.S. 270/U.S. 412/OK 3 (Mile 8.4), U.S. 64/U.S. 270 (Mile 28.7), U.S. 64 (Mile 29.7)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 270 (Miles 8.4-28.7, 20.3 miles), U.S. 64 (Miles 28.7-29.7, 1.0 mile)

Texas State Line, continues as TX 23

"Welcome to Texas" sign as OK 23
comes to an end. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)
TX 23 South assurance shield as
the highway enters the Lone Star
State. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 23 North assurance shield at
the state line. The highway runs
along the state line for about 1/4
mile. (Photo taken 5/6/04)


OK 23 North at U.S. 270/U.S.
412/OK 3. U.S. 270 duplexes with
OK 23 for the next 20 miles.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
U.S. 270 East/OK 23 South at
U.S. 270 East/U.S. 412/OK 3.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
Sun-glared view of U.S. 64
West/OK 23 South at U.S. 270
East/OK 23 South near Forgan.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 23 South at U.S. 64. The
two highways have a mile-long
duplex. (Photo taken 5/6/04)

Kansas State Line, continues as K-23

"Welcome to Kansas" sign as OK
23 North
ends and K-23 North
begins. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
K-23 North assurance shield just
north of the state line. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)
"Welcome to Oklahoma" sign as
K-23 South concludes. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)
OK 23 South assurance shield
just south of the state line. U.S.
64 is seven miles ahead. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)