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Terminus Gallery

OK 15 (West)

Highway History:
The two current OK 15's were once connected. OK 15 ran along current U.S. 412 between Woodward and OK 74, where the current western OK 15 begins. When U.S. 412 was commissioned in the early 1990s, OK 15 was decommissioned between Woodward and OK 74.

Highway Review:
The western OK 15 begins at the Texas State Line, where the highway is Texas 15. Seven miles later, the highway intersects U.S. 283 and heads south on that highway for 12 miles. After leaving U.S. 283 in Shattuck, OK 15 heads through Gage and Fargo before ending at U.S. 183/U.S. 270/U.S. 412/OK 3 in west Woodward.

Highway Information:
Distance: 47.1 miles
Counties traveled through: Ellis, Woodward
Highway intersections: U.S. 283 (Mile 6.5), U.S. 283 (Mile 18.3), OK 46 (Mile 26.2), OK 46 (Mile 26.4), U.S. 183/U.S. 270/U.S. 412/OK 3 (Mile 47.1)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 283 (Miles 6.5-18.3, 11.8 miles), OK 46 (Miles 26.2-26.4, 0.2 mile)

Texas State Line, continues as TX 15

OK 15 West as it comes to an end at the
Texas State Line. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
TX 15 West assurance shield just west
of the state line. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
"Welcome to Texas" sign on TX 15
. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
"Welcome to Oklahoma" signage as
TX 15 East ends. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 15 East assurance shield just
east of the state line. The highway will
meet U.S. 283 in about six miles.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)


OK 15 East at U.S. 283. OK 15 and
U.S. 283 share a 12-mile duplex.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
U.S. 283 North/OK 15 West at OK
15 West. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
U.S. 283 South/OK 15 East at OK
15 East in Shattuck. (Photo taken
OK 15 East at OK 46 South in
Gage. The two highways share a
short duplex in this town of 429
residents. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 15 East/OK 46 North at OK
46 North in Gage. (Photo taken

U.S. 183/U.S. 270/U.S. 412/OK 3, Woodward

"END OK 15" signage at U.S. 183/
U.S. 270/U.S. 412/OK 3 as OK
15 East
comes to an end in
Woodward. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 15 West assurance shield
just west of the eastern terminus.
OK 46 is 21 miles ahead. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)
U.S. 183 South/U.S. 270/U.S.
412/OK 3 East
at OK 15 West.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)