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Terminus Gallery

OK 151

Highway Review:
OK 151 is a short connector highway from OK 51 west of Sand Springs to the Keystone Expressway (U.S. 64/U.S. 412). It crosses over the Keystone Dam at Lake Keystone. Both the northern and southern termini are located at trumpet interchanges.

Highway Information:
Distance: 2.2 miles
Counties traveled through: Tulsa
Highway intersections: OK 51 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 64/U.S. 412 (Mile 2.2)
Highway duplexes: None

OK 51, Keystone State Park

OK 151 South at OK 51 West. There is no end sign at this
terminus. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 51 East assurance shield just south of the OK 51 West
exit on OK 151 South. The highway isn't actually OK 51 at
this point; the road that goes underneath OK 151 is the
actual OK 51. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
OK 51 West at OK 151 North. Keystone State Park is
located just north of this interchange. (Photo taken 1/7/03)
First and only OK 151 North assurance shield.
Another one is not needed; the highway ends two miles
later at the Keystone Expressway. (Photo taken 1/7/03)

U.S. 64/U.S. 412, west of Sand Springs

OK 151 North at U.S. 64 East. U.S. 412 is also signed
with U.S. 64, but isn't signed here. Like the southern
terminus, there is no "END" sign at this terminus. (Photo
taken 1/7/03)
OK 151 South assurance shield just south of U.S. 64/
U.S. 412. The Keystone Dam is just ahead. The
"Speed Zone Ahead" sign is there for no reason, as
there aren't any speed limit signs on OK 151 South!
The speed limit on the highway is 65, according to
the sign on northbound OK 151 just north of OK 51.
(Photo taken 1/7/03)
U.S. 64/U.S. 412 East approaching OK 151 South -
3/4 mile.
(Photo taken 5/21/04)
U.S. 64/U.S. 412 West approaching OK 151 South -
Keystone Dam TO SH-51 - 3/4 mile. Other than the
gore point signage, there are no other signs at the
exit in either direction.
(Photo taken 5/21/04)