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OK 91

Highway Review:
OK 91 connects Cartwright, Colbert, and Achille in far southern Bryan County. The highway was originally OK 75A, but was renamed OK 91 after Texas renamed its portion as their state highway 91.

Highway Information:
Distance: 13.6 miles
Counties traveled through: Bryan
Highway intersections: U.S. 69/U.S. 75 (Mile 5.5), OK 78 (Mile 13.6)
Highway duplexes: None

Traffic Counts:
2,900 - Texas State Line
2,200 - OK 91 @ U.S. 69/U.S. 75
1,300 - OK 91 @ OK 78

Texas State Line, continues as TX 91

OK 91 West assurance shield as the
highway prepares to cross the
Denison Dam of Lake Texoma.
(Photo taken 5/31/04)
TX 91 (South) assurance shield at
the state line. There is no "END"
sign at this terminus. (Photo taken
"Welcome to Texas" sign along
TX 91 South. U.S. 75 is about two
miles ahead. (Photo taken 5/31/04)
TX 91 North assurance shield as
the highway prepares to enter
Oklahoma. (Photo taken 5/31/04)
OK 91 East assurance shield just
north of the state line. (Photo taken


OK 91 West assurance shield in
Colbert. U.S. 69 and U.S. 75 are
less than a mile ahead. (Photo
taken 5/31/04)

OK 78, Achille

"END OK 91" sign as OK 91 East
nears its end at OK 78 in Achille.
(Photo taken 5/31/04)
OK 91 East at OK 78. (Photo
taken 5/31/04)
OK 91 West assurance shield
just west of OK 78. Colbert is
eight miles ahead. (Photo taken
OK 78 North at OK 91 West.
OK 70E is seven miles away.
(Photo taken 5/31/04)