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Terminus Gallery

OK 88

Highway Review:
OK 88 connects Inola with U.S. 412, Claremore, and Oologah. Its 26 miles include a short duplex with OK 20 and OK 66 in Claremore.

Highway Information:
Distance: 26.0 miles
Counties traveled through: Rogers
Highway intersections: U.S. 412 (Mile 0.9), OK 66 (Mile 13.0), OK 20 (Mile 13.1), OK 66 (Mile 13.2), OK 20 (Mile 14.0), U.S. 169 (Mile 26.0)
Highway duplexes: OK 66 (Miles 13.0-13.2, 0.2 miles), OK 20 (Miles 13.1-14.0, 0.9 miles)


"END OK 88" sign at Commercial & Broadway in Inola. Inola
is a town of 1,589 residents. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
OK 88 North assurance shield in Inola. The highway will
intersect U.S. 412 in about a mile. (Photo taken 2/14/03)


OK 88 North at U.S. 412 East. U.S. 412 intersects U.S. 69 10
miles to the east of this interchange. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
OK 88 North at U.S. 412 West. Traffic turning left will see
Interstate 44 and the Creek Turnpike in 11 miles. (Photo taken
OK 88 South at U.S. 412 East. The overpass in the distance
is that of old OK 33, before U.S. 412 replaced it to the north.
The overpass was necessary due to the railroad tracks
running just east of OK 88. (Photo taken 2/14/03)
OK 88 South assurance shield just south of U.S. 412. The
highway will end in about a mile. (Photo taken 2/14/03)

U.S. 169, Oologah

"OK 88 END" sign as OK 88 North approaches U.S. 169. The
federal highway is at the stoplight just past the railroad tracks.
(Photo taken 2/14/03)
OK 88 North officially draws to a close at U.S. 169. (Photo
taken 2/14/03)
OK 88 South assurance shield just east of U.S. 169 and the
railroad tracks. Much like its southern terminus, railroad
tracks run north-south at the northern terminus, except the
highway runs east-west around its northern end. (Photo taken
U.S. 169 North at OK 88 South. Traffic was backed up here
due to a very slow moving train crossing the tracks. (Photo
taken 2/14/03)