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Terminus Gallery

OK 74 (South)

Highway History:
The two OK 74's were once connected. From today's southern OK 74's northern terminus (got that?), the highway continued straight to today's Interstate 35 Exit 106 (OK 9 West), then OK 9 and OK 74 crossed the Canadian River, and then OK 9 headed off to the east. OK 74 continued along mostly the same path as Interstate 35 to Robinson Ave., where OK 74 then went west. Three miles west of the interstate, the highway curved to the north and followed Western Ave. to S.W. 29th St. (which was then U.S. 62/U.S. 277/OK 3). OK 74 then went west on 29th St. to May, then went north on May to Edmond Rd., curved to the west for one mile to Portland, then curved back to the north.

Highway Review:
The southern OK 74 is a mostly 2-lane highway connecting OK 7 east of Tatums to Interstate 35 in Goldsby. The highway travels through Elmore City, Maysville, Purcell, and Goldsby on its over 50 mile-long journey. Highway intersections are located at OK 29 in Elmore City, OK 19 in Maysville, OK 24 (twice), OK 59, U.S. 77, OK 39, and OK 74B. Exit 91 off Interstate 35 in Purcell also accesses the highway, which is 4-laned throughout the town of 5,571. After heading through Purcell, the highway heads west underneath Interstate 35 and intersects OK 24 north of Washington. Two miles later, OK 74 spawns off OK 74B, which connects to OK 76, and just three and a half miles after the junction with OK 74B, OK 74 ends at Interstate 35 in Goldsby.

Highway Information:
Distance: 52.6 miles
Counties traveled through: Carter, Garvin, McClain
Highway intersections: OK 7 (Mile 0.0), OK 29 (Mile 9.5), OK 19 (Mile 23.1), OK 24 (Mile 25.8), OK 59 (Mile 29.8), Interstate 35 (Mile 35.1), U.S. 77 (Mile 35.5), OK 39 (Mile 36.4), U.S. 77/OK 39 (Mile 37.4), OK 24 (Mile 47.1), OK 74B (Mile 49.1), Interstate 35 (Mile 52.6)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 77 (Miles 35.5-37.4, 1.9 miles), OK 39 (Miles 36.4-37.4, 1.0 mile)

OK 7, east of Tatums

"END OK 74" sign as OK 74 South approaches OK 7.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 74 South at OK 7. The road continues as a county road
south of this intersection. The sign to the left of the OK 7
shield says "State Maintenance Ends." (Photo taken


OK 74 South at OK 19 in Maysville. OK 19 spans the
south-central part of Oklahoma and runs from U.S. 283 north
of Altus to OK 3W near Ada. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
Washita River bridge on OK 74 just south of the OK 24
junction. This bridge looks like it's been around a while. It
was the only unusual bridge I would see on this day's 449
miles worth of driving around south-central Oklahoma.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 74 South at Interstate 35 North in south Purcell. (Photo
taken 10/4/02)
OK 74 South shield just west of the U.S. 77 South turnoff.
The junction Interstate 35 sign is also faintly visible. (Photo
taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 77/OK 74 South at U.S. 77 South in Purcell. (Photo
taken 10/4/02)
U.S. 77/OK 74 South/OK 39 West at OK 39 West in south
Purcell. (Photo taken 10/4/02)
OK 74 North at TO North Interstate 35 in Purcell. The road
connecting OK 74 to Interstate 35 was once signed as OK
74G, but is now signed only as "TO Interstate 35" going
northbound and as "TO U.S. 77" going southbound. (Photo
taken 7/16/03)
OK 74 South at OK 24 north of Washington. This is the
northern terminus of OK 24, and its southern terminus is
also located at OK 74, about 20 miles south of this location.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 74 South at junction OK 74B south of Goldsby. OK 74B
connects OK 74 with OK 76, a distance of about eight miles.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
Another view of OK 74 South at OK 74B West, taken
almost five months later. (Photo taken 1/31/03)

Interstate 35, Goldsby

"END OK 74" sign approaching Interstate 35. It is possible to
connect to the northern OK 74 in northwest Oklahoma City
from here by taking I-35 to I-240 West, and I-240, which turns
into I-44, will lead motorists to the northern OK 74. (Photo
taken 9/6/02)
OK 74 South shield just south of the Interstate 35 junction.
The back of the signs in the previous picture can be seen
on the left. (Photo taken 9/6/02)
Interstate 35 South at Exit 104-OK 74 South-Goldsby/
Washington. Washington is accessible off OK 24, which is
located five and a half miles south of the interstate. (Photo
taken 9/6/02)
Interstate 35 North at Exit 104-OK 74 South-Goldsby/
Washington. (Photo taken 10/4/02)