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OK 58 (South)

Highway History:
1953: OK 58 began at U.S. 277 in Cyril at today's U.S. 277/OK 19 intersection. OK 58 went west along current OK 19 to today's OK 19/OK 58 intersection, then the highway turned to the north along the same path it takes today to what was U.S. 66/OK 1 in Hydro.

1959: By this time, OK 19 had been built, so the southern terminus was truncated to the OK 58/OK 19 intersection. The highway had not been extended south to OK 49 at this time.

Highway Review:
The southern OK 58 begins at OK 49 between Medicine Park and Interstate 44. Almost fourteen miles north of OK 49, OK 58 meets OK 19 and heads west, then north with OK 19 for about five miles. Twelve miles later, OK 58 heads through its first town, Carnegie. After traveling through the town of Alfalfa, OK 58 heads east on OK 152 for two miles before splitting. Seventeen miles later, OK 58 heads parallel with Interstate 40 for a few blocks, then the highway heads north and goes through Hydro. After heading through Hydro, the highway winds its way to the Custer/Blaine County line, where the highway finds its northern terminus.

Highway Information:
Distance: 73.0 miles
Counties traveled through: Comanche, Caddo, Blaine
Highway intersections: OK 49 (Mile 0.0), OK 19 (Mile 13.6), OK 19 (Mile 17.5), OK 9 (Mile 30.5), OK 152 (Mile 43.8), OK 152 (Mile 45.6), Interstate 40 (Mile 63.0)
Highway duplexes: OK 19 (Miles 13.6-17.5, 3.9 miles), OK 152 (Miles 43.8-45.6, 1.8 miles)

OK 49, east of Medicine Park

"END OK 58" signage at OK 49 as OK 58 South
ends just north of Fort Sill. Interstate 44 is four
miles to the left. (Photo taken 12/11/03)
OK 58 South at OK 49. OK 49 was recently
realigned between here and Interstate 44. (Photo
taken 12/11/03)
OK 58 North assurance shield just north of OK
49. OK 19 is 14 miles ahead. (Photo taken
OK 49 West at OK 58 North. OK 49 will enter the
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in about
five miles. (Photo taken 12/11/03)


OK 152 East/OK 58 North shields just east of the
intersection pictured above. (Photo taken
OK 152 East/OK 58 North at OK 58 North. OK
58 heads off on its own towards Hydro. (Photo
taken 11/26/02)

Interstate 40 West/OK 58 North shields just west
of the westbound I-40 off-ramp. The I-40 shield is
signed in error, however - the sign should indicate
that this road is TO I-40, not the actual interstate!
This sign assembly has since been corrected, as
the bottom picture shows. (Top photo taken
11/26/02, bottom photo taken 4/9/04)

Custer/Blaine Co. Line, north of Hydro

"END OK 58" and "State Maintenance
Ends" signage as OK 58 North concludes.
The northern OK 58 begins less than ten
miles north of here. (Photo taken 4/9/04)
OK 58 South assurance shield as OK
58 South begins. Interstate 40 is ten
miles ahead. (Photo taken 4/9/04)
From the end of OK 58 North, if you
continue straight ahead, the road will take
you to OK 54. This OK 54 shield appears
about two miles west of the northern end
of OK 58. I have no evidence that this
road was ever signed as OK 54, or
as anything for that matter. But most of
the road between the end of OK 58 and
OK 54 is a good road, as all of it is
paved and most of it is striped. (Photo
taken 4/9/04)