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Terminus Gallery

OK 54 (North)

Highway Review:
The northern OK 54 begins at U.S. 62 between Snyder and Cache. Seven and a half miles later, OK 54 intersects OK 49 at its western terminus. Eight miles after that, OK 19 heads north with OK 54 near the town of Cooperton. The next town on the northern OK 54 roadtrip is Gotebo, where motorists will be able to get on OK 9, a cross-state state highway. OK 54 then joins OK 152 16 miles north of Gotebo and the two highways join and head east for seven miles before OK 54 splits. Sixteen miles after leaving OK 152, OK 54 meets Interstate 40 and Weatherford, the home of Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Seventeen miles north of Weatherford, OK 54 meets its northern end at OK 33 east of Thomas.

Highway Information:
Distance: 85.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Kiowa, Washita, Custer
Highway intersections: U.S. 62 (Mile 0.0), OK 49 (Mile 7.4), OK 19 (Mile 15.5), OK 19 (Mile 18.5), OK 9 (Mile 30.5), OK 55 (Mile 37.7), OK 152 (Mile 45.9), OK 152 (Mile 52.9), Interstate 40 (Mile 68.8), OK 33 (Mile 85.5)
Highway duplexes: OK 19 (Miles 15.5-18.5, 3.0 miles), OK 152 (Miles 45.9-52.9, 7.0 miles)

U.S. 62, east of Snyder

"END OK 54" sign at U.S. 62. U.S. 62 is a 4-lane divided
highway at this point, thus the one way signs are needed. Since
this a one-way here for eastbound traffic, why is the westbound
directional sign there? It shouldn't be, since if you turned right
at this very point you would be heading the wrong way on a 70
mph speed limit highway, and the inevitable could easily
happen. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
U.S. 62 East at OK 54. The signs pictured above can be seen
to the left of the OK 54 sign. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
Blurry shot of the first OK 54 North assurance shield. OK 49
is seven miles ahead. (Photo taken 10/11/02)


OK 54 North at OK 49 East. This is the western terminus of
OK 49, which heads through the Wichita Mountain National
Wildlife Refuge. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
OK 54 North at Business OK 9 West in Gotebo. The
intersection with OK 9 is less than 1/4 mile ahead.
taken 5/12/04)
OK 54 North at OK 55 West north of Lake Valley. This is OK
55's eastern terminus. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 54 North shield just north of OK 55. The surrounding area
reminds me a little of Kansas and Nebraska. (Photo taken
OK 54 North at OK 152. OK 54 heads east at this T-intersection
and is duplexed with OK 152 for seven miles. (Photo taken
OK 54 North/OK 152 East shields just east of the western
end of this highway duplex pictured above. (Photo taken
OK 152 West/OK 54 South at OK 54 South. (Photo taken
OK 54 North/OK 152 East at OK 54 North. The direction signs
appear to have fallen off. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 54 South at OK 152. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 54 South at OK 54B East. OK 54B connects OK 54 to
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 54 North at OK 54A West. OK 54A connects OK 54 to the
town of Corn.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 54 South at OK 54A West. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 54 South at Interstate 40 East in Weatherford. (Photo
taken 5/6/04)

OK 33, east of Thomas

"END OK 54" sign at OK 33 as OK 54 North comes to an
end. Thomas is one mile to the west. (Photo taken 4/9/04)
OK 54 South assurance shield just south of OK 33. The
highway will intersect Interstate 40 in 17 miles. (Photo
taken 4/9/04)
OK 33 East at OK 54 South. (Photo taken 4/9/04)