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Terminus Gallery

OK 53

Highway History:
1953: OK 53's eastern terminus was at U.S. 77. The highway between U.S. 77 and Gene Autry was then signed as OK 77C.

Highway Review:
OK 53 begins its easterly trek about 5 miles east of Interstate 44 in the town of Walters at its junction with OK 5. For its over 85 mile distance, the highway doesn't travel through too much. In Cotton County, it intersects OK 65. Then it crosses into Stephens County and travels through Corum, Comanche, and Loco. In Comanche, there is an intersection with U.S. 81. There was also a branch route of OK 53 (OK 53A) just east of Comanche that led to Comanche Lake before it was decommissioned in early 2004. The highway then enters Carter County and joins OK 76 for about 3 miles. Its next major highway intersection is at Interstate 35 Exit 42, and OK 53 heads south on I-35 for 2 miles before exiting off. After exiting the interstate the highway intersects U.S. 77, skirts the northern edge of the town of Gene Autry (named after the former Anaheim Angels owner who was from Oklahoma), and ends at U.S. 177 east of town.

Highway Information:
Distance: 86.7 miles
Counties traveled through: Cotton, Stephens, Carter
Highway intersections: OK 5 (Mile 0.0), OK 65 (Mile 5.0), U.S. 81 (Mile 20.2), OK 89 (Mile 43.2), OK 76 (Mile 49.5), OK 76 (Mile 52.7), Interstate 35 (Mile 72.9), Interstate 35 (Mile 74.7), U.S. 77 (Mile 76.0), OK 53A (Mile 82.7), U.S. 177 (Mile 86.7)
Highway duplexes: OK 76 (Miles 49.5-52.7, 3.2 miles), Interstate 35 (Miles 72.9-74.7, 1.8 miles)

OK 5, Walters

"END OK 53" signage at OK 5 as OK 53
comes to an end in Walters. (Photo
taken 5/12/04)
OK 53 East assurance shield just east
of OK 5. OK 65 is five miles ahead.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 5 West at OK 53 East. OK 5 turns
at this intersection. (Photo taken


OK 53 West assurance shield just west of OK
65. The highway will end in five miles at OK 5.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 53 East at OK 65. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 53 East at U.S. 81 in Comanche.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 53 West at OK 89 South. (Photo taken
OK 53 West/OK 76 South at OK 53 West.
(Photo taken 9/6/02)
OK 53 East at OK 53A South near Gene
Autry. OK 53A goes to the town of 99
residents. (Photo taken 5/28/04)

U.S. 177, east of Gene Autry

"END OK 53" sign at U.S. 177 as OK 53
comes to an end. (Photo taken
OK 53 West assurance shield just
west of U.S. 177. OK 53A is four
miles ahead. (Photo taken 5/28/04)
U.S. 177 South at OK 53 West. (Photo
taken 5/28/04)