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OK 44

Highway History:
1953: OK 44 began at the Texas State Line duplexed with OK 6 and OK 34. From Eldorado, OK 44 continued to be duplexed with OK 6 while OK 34 went due north at OK 90 (today's western OK 5). OK 44 duplexed with OK 6 from there to today's southern terminus, following the same route as today's U.S. 62/OK 6 and U.S. 283/OK 6 duplexes.

1959: Same as 1953

Highway Review:
OK 44 is an almost 60-mile long state highway connecting U.S. 283 east of Mangum to OK 33 in Butler. It starts out by heading northeast and skirting the Quartz Mountain State Resort Park. OK 44A connects OK 44 to the resort. At OK 9 in Lone Wolf, the highway heads east with Highway 9 for four miles before heading off on its own once again. OK 44 goes through Sentinel and Burns Flat and intersects OK 152 as it heads toward Interstate 40. Just north of I-40, the highway heads through Foss. Just north of Foss is Foss Lake, and just a few miles later, OK 44 finds its northern end at OK 33.

Highway Information:
Distance: 59.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Greer, Kiowa, Washita, Custer
Highway intersections: U.S. 283 (Mile 0.0), OK 44A (Mile 1.0), OK 9 (Mile 11.4), OK 9 (Mile 14.6), OK 55 (Mile 25.5), OK 55 (Mile 25.7), OK 152 (Mile 34.9), Interstate 40 (Mile 45.5), OK 73 (Mile 50.1), OK 73 (Mile 51.9), OK 33 (Mile 59.5)
Highway duplexes: OK 9 (Miles 11.4-14.6, 3.2 miles), OK 55 (Miles 25.5-25.7, 0.2 miles), OK 73 (Miles 50.1-51.9, 1.8 miles)

U.S. 283, north of Blair

OK 44 South at U.S. 283. The "END" sign is just ahead.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
"END OK 44" sign at U.S. 283 as OK 44 South concludes.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 44 North assurance shield just north of U.S. 283.
The surrounding area is one of the most scenic parts of
southwest Oklahoma. The Quartz Mountains provide the
scenery. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
U.S. 283 North at OK 44 North. U.S. 283 through traffic
must turn at this intersection. (Photo taken 5/12/04)
U.S. 283 South at OK 44 North. (Photo taken 5/12/04)

U.S. 283/OK 6, north of Blair

For some unknown reason, when I visited this area in October 2002, the southern terminus of OK 44 was at an intersection about one mile north of Blair. The U.S. 283/OK 6 duplex was about six miles longer than it is today. The two highways ran along a new 5-lane highway, and U.S. 283 then went west on its old alignment toward Mangum.

I revisited the area in May 2004, and found different signs in place. Instead of OK 44 beginning at this intersection, it began at U.S. 283, and U.S. 283 once again ran along its old alignment, while only OK 6 ran along the five-lane highway. With all of this in place, U.S. 283 splits from OK 6 one mile north of Blair, goes north for a few miles, heads west at the southern end of OK 44, and then intersects OK 6 again three miles later.

The pictures below show what I found in October 2002 and May 2004.

Early evening shot of OK 44 South at U.S. 283/OK 6. There
was no "END" sign at this terminus. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
The same intersection in May 2004. Now this is U.S. 283 South
at OK 6. This now marks the northern end of the U.S. 283/OK 6
duplex. Notice that there are three sign assemblies now instead
of the four there were in October 2002.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
U.S. 283/OK 6 North approaching OK 44. Notice that U.S. 283
was not signed. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
U.S. 283/OK 6 North at OK 44. Once again, notice that there was
no sign of U.S. 283 here. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
U.S. 283/OK 6 North at U.S. 283 North. The only change here is
that the OK 44 shield has been replaced with a U.S. 283 shield.
Maybe that's why only OK 6 was signed as going straight ahead
in October 2002.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)


OK 44 South at OK 44A North. OK 44A connects to the Quartz
Mountain Park and resort area.
(Photo taken 5/12/04)
OK 9 West/OK 44 South at OK 44 South in Lone Wolf. (Photo
taken 5/12/04)
OK 44 South shield just south of OK 55 in Sentinel. (Photo
taken 11/26/02)
OK 44 South/OK 55 West at OK 55 West in Sentinel. The two
highways share 0.2 miles of roadway in Sentinel. (Photo taken
OK 44 North at OK 152 west of Dill City. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 44 North/OK 73 West assurance shields near Foss Lake.
The two highways are duplexed for two miles.
(Photo taken
OK 44 North/OK 73 West at OK 73 West. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 44 South at OK 73 West. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 44 South as it crosses Foss Lake. The speed limit is 45
as the highway skirts the edge of the lake.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)

OK 33, Butler

"END OK 44" signage at OK 33 as OK 44 North comes to
an end. [Close-up of signage] (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 44 South assurance shield just south of OK 33. OK 73
is eight miles ahead. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 33 West at OK 44 South in Butler. (Photo taken