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OK 30

Highway History:
1953: The highway only went as far north at OK 47 near Reydon.

Highway Review:
OK 30 begins its northerly trek at U.S. 62 in Hollis, five miles east of the Texas state line. It remains close to Texas its whole distance, as it is never more than 10 miles east of the state line. Fifteen miles north of U.S. 62, OK 30 intersects OK 9. The intersection is located in the middle of a valley, making it a blast when driving on the highway in an ice storm, I am certain! Twenty-two miles later, OK 30 enters the town of Erick and intersects Interstate 40 at Exit 7. Following the interstate OK 30 continues north towards Sweetwater and OK 152, which is fourteen miles north of I-40. After a short multiplex with OK 47, OK 30 heads through the Black Kettle National Grassland, intersects OK 33, and ends a couple miles north of OK 33 in the town of Durham.

Highway Information:
Distance: 84.5 miles
Counties traveled through: Harmon, Beckham, Roger Mills
Highway Intersections: U.S. 62 (Mile 0.0), OK 9 (Mile 15.1), Bus. I-40 (Mile 37.0), Bus. I-40 (Mile 39.0), Interstate 40 (Mile 39.8), OK 152 (Mile 54.5), OK 47 (Mile 68.6), OK 47 (Mile 71.5), OK 33 (Mile 82.5)
Highway Duplexes: Bus. I-40 (Miles 37.0-39.0, 2.0 miles, OK 47 (Miles 68.6-71.5, 2.9 miles)

U.S. 62, Hollis

"END OK 30" sign at U.S. 62 in Hollis. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
U.S. 62 West at OK 30 North. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
U.S. 62 East approaching OK 30. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
OK 30 North shield just north of U.S. 62. (Photo taken 10/11/02)


OK 30 North at OK 9. Traffic on OK 30 must stop, but traffic on
OK 9 doesn't. (Photo taken 10/11/02)
OK 30 South at Interstate 40 East in Erick. This exit for I-40 has
the final truck stops in Oklahoma for westbound travelers
heading towards Amarillo, Albuquerque, and points beyond.
(Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 30 North shield just north of Interstate 40. The highway
doesn't see another highway until 15 miles later at OK 152.
(Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 30 North at OK 152 north of Sweetwater. OK 152 spans
the western half of the state, from the Texas state line to
Interstate 44 in Oklahoma City. (Photo taken 11/26/02)
OK 47 West/OK 30 North assurance shields just south of
Reydon. The two highways have a 3-mile duplex.
taken 5/6/04)
OK 30 North/OK 47 West at OK 47 West in Reydon.
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 30 North at OK 33. OK 30 ends two miles ahead at
(Photo taken 5/6/04)
OK 30 South at OK 33. (Photo taken 5/6/04)


"END OK 30" and "State Maintenance Ends" signs as OK
30 North
concludes after an 85-mile run. (Photo taken
The stop sign at the end of OK 30 North. Durham is
just off to the right. (Photo taken 5/6/04)
The beginning of OK 30 South. The first assurance
shield isn't seen until the OK 33 intersection, two miles
ahead. (Photo taken 5/6/04)