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Terminus Gallery

OK 137

Highway Review:
OK 137 connects U.S. 60 at the Twin Bridges State Park to OK 10, six miles to the north. Before December 2002, the highway went five more miles to the north and ended at Alternate U.S. 69 in Quapaw. The road is still there, it is just now called County Road 137, and large signs at both ends (OK 69A, the new name for Alternate U.S. 69; and OK 10) make that known.

Highway Information:
Distance: 6.3 miles
Counties traveled through: Ottawa
Highway intersections: U.S. 60 (Mile 0.0), OK 10 (Mile 6.3)
Highway duplexes: None

U.S. 60, east of Fairland

"OK 137 END" sign at U.S. 60 as OK 137 South
comes to an end. Twin Bridges State Park is named
for the Neosho River, just to the west, and the Spring
River, just to the east. The two rivers converge just
behind the trees ahead. (Photo taken 4/25/03)
OK 137 South just before U.S. 60, and the view from the
top of the hill of the rivers. This is also the northern end of
Grand Lake. (Photo taken 4/25/03)
OK 137 North assurance shield just north of U.S. 60. The
highway climbs sharply immediately after turning from
U.S. 60. The view pictured above was from the top of the
hill, about where the truck is. (Photo taken 4/25/03)
U.S. 60 West approaching OK 137 North. The highway
has to cross the Spring River before it intersects OK 137.
Obviously, OK 137 does not begin right here. (Photo
taken 4/25/03)
U.S. 60 West at the actual OK 137 North intersection.
U.S. 60 West will enter the town of Fairland in six miles.
(Photo taken 4/25/03)

OK 10, east of Miami

"North OK 137 END" sign at OK 10. OK 10 West will
enter Miami in about five miles. (Photo taken 4/25/03)
OK 10 East at OK 137 South. (Photo taken 4/25/03)

OK 69A, Quapaw

OK 69A North at old OK 137 South in Quapaw.
(Photo taken 4/25/03)
"Start County Road 137" sign just south of OK 69A on
former OK 137 South. This area once had an OK 137
South assurance shield. The other side, of course,
says "End County Road 137." A similar sign is located
just north of OK 10, where the highway ends now.
(Photo taken 4/25/03)