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OK 100

Highway Review:
OK 100 connects Interstate 40 south of Webbers Falls to the Arkansas state line east of Stillwell. It is a winding road through the east-central Oklahoma scenery. The highway skirts the southern and eastern parts of Lake Tenkiller and shares a long duplex with OK 82 just east of the lake. After the duplex with OK 82, the highway is signed east-west. OK 100 also shares highways with U.S. 64 between Webbers Falls and Gore and OK 10 in Gore. While joined with U.S. 64 the highways cross the Arkansas River. The section between Interstate 40 and OK 10 was clogged with westbound Interstate 40 travelers from late May to August 2002 while work was being done to rebuild the interstate's Arkansas River bridge, which collapsed on May 26, 2002 after a barge traveling upstream hit a bridge support causing a 500-foot section of the bridge to collapse. OK 100 also has a short stint with U.S. 59 in Stillwell. Seven and a half miles after leaving U.S. 59 and Stillwell behind, OK 100 ends as it crosses the Arkansas state line and becomes its state highway 156, only to have it end about 0.3 miles later at AR 59.

Highway Information:
Distance: 54.9 miles
Counties traveled through: Muskogee, Sequoyah, Cherokee, Adair
Highway intersections: Interstate 40 (Mile 0.0), U.S. 64 (Mile 1.7), U.S. 64/OK 10 (Mile 4.1), OK 10 (Mile 4.4), OK 10A (Mile 10.3), OK 82 (Mile 16.1), OK 82 (Mile 29.7), U.S. 59 (Mile 46.8), U.S. 59 (Mile 47.3)
Highway duplexes: U.S. 64 (Miles 1.7-4.1, 2.4 miles), OK 10 (Miles 4.1-4.4, 0.3 miles), OK 82 (Miles 16.1-29.7, 13.6 miles), U.S. 59 (Miles 46.8-47.3, 0.5 miles)

Interstate 40, south of Webbers Falls

OK 100 South at Interstate 40 West. There is
no "END" sign at this terminus. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
OK 100 South at Interstate 40 East. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
OK 100 North at Interstate 40 West. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
OK 100 North assurance shield just north
of Interstate 40. U.S. 64 is two miles ahead.
A detour was in place to bypass some
construction on U.S. 64, and OK 100 was
one of the detour routes used. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
Interstate 40 East at Exit 287 - OK 100
North - Webbers Falls/Gore. (Photo taken
View from the end of the off-ramp at Exit
287 from Interstate 40 East. (Photo taken
Interstate 40 West at Exit 287 - OK 100
North - Webbers Falls. The Muskogee
Turnpike begins 1 1/4 miles ahead. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)


OK 10/OK 100 North assurance shields in
Gore. The two highways are duplexed for
a few blocks. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 10/OK 100 North at OK 10 North
in Gore. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 100 North at OK 10A West. OK 10A
connects to OK 10 at its other end and
provides access to Lake Tenkiller.
(Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 100 South at OK 10A West. (Photo
taken 9/26/03)
U.S. 59 North/OK 100 West assurance
shields just north of OK 100 East. The
two highways are duplexed for 1/2
mile in Stilwell. (Photo taken 9/26/03)
U.S. 59 North/OK 100 West at OK 100
West in Stilwell. (Photo taken 9/26/03)

Arkansas State Line, continues as AR 156

"Welcome to Arkansas" sign as OK 100
comes to an end. AR 156 will
end in less than 1/2 mile. (Photo taken
"Welcome to Oklahoma" sign along AR
156 West
as OK 100 West begins.
(Photo taken 9/26/03)
OK 100 West assurance shield just
west of the state line. U.S. 59 lies
seven miles ahead. (Photo taken